Tackling the Corona Virus

Tackling the Coronavirus

The Impact of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has had an immense impact on South Africa and the world as a whole. While the country is reawakening to a new reality and businesses are starting to reopen, stats have shown that the tourism sector has been the hardest hit during the lockdown. With international flights grounded and people confined to their homes, businesses are adapting to a new normal.

With new procedures in mind, our team has been hard at work investigating ways in which we can reopen safely – ensuring the well-being of customers and staff. To do this we have installed hand sanitation stations at all doors and a strict 2-meter distance rule implemented on-premises. Each bathroom has been supplied with 70% Alcohol sanitiser and is being decontaminated twice a day.

Working with CICS Ltd Cleaning

In our endeavour for world-class hygiene standards, we have been fortunate enough to work with CICS Ltd South Africa who have decontaminated our property to GBAC Star international health standards. They have also provided us with a 51-point clean on all surfaces, sockets, and handles.

CICS Ltd. originates from London, UK. The UK Director, Shayne Warden, explains how the company started with a particular focus on specialist niche areas that involve a high degree of sanitation such as biohazards, deep cleaning of breweries and factories, crime scenes and industrial sites. CICS is accredited by the Global Bio-risk advisory Council (GBAC) to promote the highest standards in the industry. As Shayne puts it:

“We are the only biohazard company in the UK that is ISSA/GBAC accredited. That allows us to go in and give our clients the peace of mind in knowing that they are working with a company who have the correct knowledge, methodology and experience to carry out safe and effective cleaning of their premises”

CICS provides decontamination using state of the art ULV fogging which works to kill off any airborne bacteria. All our bedrooms have been stripped and washed and our mattresses have been deep cleaned and vacuumed, as well as receiving a decontamination fogging in all rooms.

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